Monday, February 10, 2014

Lessons of early Google mass digitization

Some time ago, during the fall 2013 semester, I have prepared a resource summary as a homework assignment for LIS:879 Digital Libraries with Sunny Kim at UW-Madison SLIS. I have talked and showed the DPLA project as an inspiring initiative that started in 2010 and was  initially organized among and by 40 largest libraries and digital repositories in the U.S. and it is continue to grow and involve other players around the country. Dorothea Salo has become the first Community Reps from Wisconsin and now organizes outreach activities and keeps promoting open access and within outside of the UW-Madison.
30 minutes interview of Robert Darnton, who is a Director of the University Library at Harvard and a founder of the DPLA,  presents many issues of digitisation practices, is interesting describing early Google mass digitization period in which most of the big libraries been involved, but lost control (whether ownership’s, copyright, or bibliographic) over their own digitized collections. 

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