Sunday, February 23, 2014

The 4 things modern students must understand

"The 4 Things Modern Students Must Understand" is a brief article posted to Edudemic by Eric Patnoudes on September 19th, 2013.. This is a fitting compliment to Dan Gilmor's "Principles for a New Media Literacy" from this week's readings. Both articles share similar focuses as pointing toward what needs to happen now, and in the future, to produce contributing members of our global society.

Patnoudes points to students needing to be adept at finding information quickly, comprehending what they are reading, organizing the information discovered in a sensible way, and deciding which information will impact their decisions, solve problems, and accomplish their task at hand. Meanwhile, Gilmor points toward the skills needed for media consumption and creation, of which there is is overlap on all of Patnoudes points. Patnoude's furthers his point with what skills are most necessary for students through the inclusion of a 2:41 minute clip of Sugita Mitra discussing future learning.

Do you agree with Panoudes and/or Gilmor? What skills do you think are most relevant to students now, and in the future, regarding information?

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