Sunday, January 26, 2014

Last minute tweaks before our first meeting tomorrow

Hi folks.  My online roster shows that we have 22 students registered for our LIS 644 course this semester, so that means with 45 readings (beyond the first ones for tomorrow), you'll each be summarizing two readings over the course of the semester on this blog, which is not bad.  (I'll figure out which reading to absolve you from summarizing later ... maybe one of the really short ones ...)

Tonight I've tweaked the syllabus and assignments just a little to add some short personal reflection work to weeks 3 and 6.  Otherwise I think I'm happy with the flow of the semester and I hope you will be too.  I'll go over all of this tomorrow in class, starting at 9am in 4191F H.C. White (the classroom inside the SLIS library).

One more thing: Tomorrow is going to be a cold one, with dangerous wind chills and drifting snow.  Some of you may have family care responsibilities due to closed schools, or travel restrictions due to closed rural roads.  Just email me if you ever need to miss class; we are all adults and I understand when life intervenes into carefully-planned syllabi.  Your safety, and that of your family, comes first.

See you tomorrow -- GREG

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